What is Heat Dome which is wreaking havoc in many countries including America and Canada


Amid the Corona crisis, many countries around the world are currently in the grip of scorching heat.  The ever-increasing heat is wreaking havoc on the people.  Be it India or America or Canada or Britain or Pakistan… there is an outbreak of severe heat everywhere.  Canada, which is among the coldest countries, is scorching due to scorching heat and heat these days.  The heat in Canada has broken many records.

According to officials, dozens of people have died in Canada’s Vancouver region due to the scorching heat.  The temperature here has reached a record 49.5 degrees Celsius.  About 150 people have died in the city of Vancouver since Friday due to the strong heatwave.  Most of the people killed are elderly or their health was going bad.


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the US Department of Commerce, a heat dome is formed when the atmosphere envelops warm ocean air as a lid or cap.  According to NOAA, this phenomenon occurs when there is a significant change in sea temperature.  Because of this, the warm surface of the ocean forces the warmer air to rise.  In general terms, the high pressure of the atmosphere pushes the hot air downwards.  Due to this, hot air starts spreading in the atmosphere, and it starts acting like a hot chamber.  Clouds are also pushed away from the covered dome because of the high pressure, and the air below contracts and heats up.  At present, the temperature that is wreaking havoc in a part of Canada and America, experts are giving the reason behind the atmospheric disturbance caused by the high pressure over the Arctic, due to which the temperature has broken all the records.

How long can a heat dome last

Several meteorologists and organizations such as NOAA have concluded that heat domes typically last for a week, based on studies of climate change.  He says that eventually, the formation of the heat dome becomes so flexible that it cannot hold its position and it becomes weak, due to which the hot air trapped inside it starts releasing and getting rid of the heat.

heat dome effect

In heat dome conditions, people who live without air conditioners find it impossible to withstand extreme temperatures and start a series of sudden deaths, as has been seen in Canada and some parts of the US.  According to meteorologists, due to this, crops can also be ruined and greenery can be lost, which can lead to famine conditions.  Due to the intense heat, the energy demand also increases.  Not only this, but this phenomenon of climate can also be responsible for forest fires, due to which a lot of green land of America is wasted every year.

Heat domes linked to climate change

Meteorologists have been constantly drawing attention to the rising temperature of the earth (climate change).  According to a 2017 NOAA survey, the average US temperature has increased since the late 19th century.  Climate experts say that the coming decades will see more days of hot winds.



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